Welcome to you all

I am so excited to write those words!

This is my first ever blog and my first publication!

So first thing first, let me introduce myself:

Glob’Coco, That’s me! Why? Well the reasons are simple:

  1. Coco is my nickname (Coralie is my firstname); feel free to call me either way
  2. I love travelling hence the “Glob’ from globtrotter
  3. And I like looking at things in a “Glob’al” manner, an holistic vision if you like. Which leads me to bring things together however diverse those things may be.

I’m very much attracted to subjects like nature, ecology, cooking, permaculture, health, well-being… as well as alternative pedagogy, doodling, mind mapping…  (Have you noticed the dots? There are plenty, aren’t there! That’s because there is so much more contained in there!).

The value of this blog is to bring out the connecting threads between all the things that interest me. I have to admit that sometimes I fear that my brain might implode someday as it seems to hold so many ideas swarming about! So to avoid that as well as the cleaning of the aftermath, I have decided to seize the day and bit by bit let the pattern show itself. I may share with you how I came about to be attracted to all these things (the people I met, the travelling I did and what I got out from these experiences) to help me further link up the dots…

You may have noticed, this is is going to be a personal blog folks, in any case for now. The reason is that I want to give myself full liberty to explore any topics that I feel concerned and/or passionate about as well as the ones that sparks my interest without feeling constrained by any editorial line.

Maybe this will change. Only the future will tell.

Anyhow I welcome you into my world.

Carpe Diem.

Coco from Glob’Coco